The Data Break

Jens Wucherpfennig - guitar and vocals
André Liegl - bass and vocals
Lari Eiden - keyboards
Sebastian Trinkaus - drums


The Data Break from Darmstadt, founded in 2004. Fingertips have been scrubbed in other bands before, from the early/mid-90’s on. Andre and Jens played in Acheborn. Nasty screamy Core. Sebastian and Lari played in Six Less Living. Nasty Metalcore. Since the gents are actually pretty amicable the Data Break doesn’t sound any nasty. But not nice either. They keep opening up 3 different closets to see which size fits best, for the moment. New-No-Wave? Maybe. Maybe not. Milemarker. Swing Kids. Radio 4. Supersystem. Black Flag. Girls against Boys. Refused. Robocop Kraus. There are many references. Those bands are kept in honor, but there’s also the creation of one’s own boulevard. King’s avenue with squats on it.